UK Catalysis Hub


The UK Catalysis Hub is collaborative network of researchers across the UK researching Catalysis. The  hub is a Consortia of universities lead by Cardiff, Bath and Manchester. The hub has a supports the full breadth of Catalytic science including Chemo-catalysis biocatalysts and engineering, and funds a portfolio Projects around the UK. Our focus is on developing catalytic processes for more effective use of water and energy, waste minimisation, and material reuse and reduction in gaseous emissions.  The UK Catalysis Hub has its physical base at the Research Complex at Harwell which as provided a centre for the scientific excellence of the Hub, with cutting edge catalysis labs and facilities and also a key location to interact wit the world leading facilities and other research groups on the Harwell Campus.

recent updates

Recent Updates
25 May 2023

One of our PhD students has won an award at a recent conference.