Carbon nitrides for sustainable photoelectrocatalytic solar fuels and rich chemicals

Discover the power of carbon nitrides at our seminar on Friday, 7th July at 3pm ⏰



Join us on Friday 7th July at 3pm for a fascinating seminar on Carbon Nitrides and their incredible potential for sustainable photoelectrocatalyticsolar fuels and rich chemicals. At the seminar, we are privileged to have Dr. Pablo Jiménez Calvo as our speaker. Dr. Calvo is a leading expert in the field of materials chemistry and physics, with extensive knowledge and experience in carbon nitride-based materials for solar energy utilization. Dr. Calvo will share his insights on the synthesis atmosphere tuneability of C3N4 materials, as well as the introduction of impurities and coupling with oxides to enhance their performance. These strategies have shown promising results and offer exciting possibilities for the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Coffee and cakes will be provided, creating a relaxed and enjoyable way to round off the week.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the world of carbon nitrides and their potential for sustainable energy production.

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