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Working with us


Research Complex at Harwell offers a unique mix of specialist facilities and expertise, unrivalled anywhere else in the world. With an experienced core team, Research Complex enables researchers in different fields to use cutting edge equipment and collaborate in a vibrant interdisciplinary environment.

Accelerating collaboration between disciplines and institutions is one of the fundamental principles of Research Complex, advancing science and ultimately, benefitting society.

At Research Complex we train the next generation of scientists, and our cohort of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are able develop their careers by utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities, working in collaboration with our leading researchers, UK’s major facilities and companies who turn innovative research into practical applications.

What is Research Complex?

Research Complex is the centre of multidisciplinary cutting-edge scientific research at the heart of Harwell’s thriving science and technology campus. A UKRI institution, funded by five research councils and the Diamond Light Source, it builds on synergies with large scale facilities, such as Diamond Light SourceISIS Neutron and Muon SourceCentral Laser Facility and the Rosalind Franklin Institute. Research Complex brings together research teams from universities and industry under one roof, training the next generation of scientists and engineers. We strive to accelerate research collaboration and generate internationally leading science.

Who Can Use it?

Research Complex supports more than 400 scientists from over 35 universities and companies, focused on our scientific themes of Imaging and Spectroscopy; Cellular and Molecular Biology; and Functional Materials.  They perform leading edge science and provide highly specialised facilities for users from across the UK, assisted by a core team of expert staff. If you have a UKRI-funded grant, you can access our facilities free of charge. If you are interested in learning more about us, or are thinking of writing a grant to access Research Complex, please get in touch!