Nium are nanoscientists, engineers and entrepreneurs: a team and technology built to eliminate emissions at scale. Nium was born at Carbon13, Cambridge in Spring 2022. Their nanocatalytic solutions were developed by our CTO over 2 years at the UK synchrotron facility, Diamond Light Source.

Why Green Ammonia?

Ammonia is a building block to our lives, a precursor to half of global food, a key to a cleaner future of food and fuel. But the Ammonia we make today is dirty - the most polluting chemical industrial process on the planet - 96% of it depends on the century-old Haber-Bosch process, and relies on burning fossil fuels. Nium's patent pending, 'Green Ammonia on Demand' system provides a scalable, efficient, effective, alternative. It reduces the pressure, temperature and overall energy in ammonia catalysis, removing the need for fossil fuels. Green Ammonia on Demand brings science backed benefits across multiple hard-to-abate sectors.

  • We can eliminate fertiliser emissions, 1.4%, 500 megatonnes of CO2 annually
  • We can eliminate a further 3% of maritime CO2 emissions by using green ammonia to power ships, instead of fossil fuels.
  • All while giving a versatile vector to green hydrogen energy as we race to decarbonise energy, steel, aviation and other critical industrial processes

Why 'On Demand?'

Today the majority of the ammonia we use is made in China and Russia at massive industrial plants burning coal, gas and oil. Nium decouples ammonia production from these fossil plants. Using renewable power and our novel nanocatalyst, we synthesise ammonia at a fraction of the price and pollution of traditional Haber-Bosch.

Our Green Ammonia Army of supporters and investors includes Agfunder, DCVC, BMW Respond, Octopus Ventures, The Sustainable Markets Initiative, The Greenhouse, and Carbon13 - The Venture Builder for the Climate Emergency.