Webinar: Introduction to National Facilities – Scientific Computing

From computer platforms and data archiving to modelling and simulation: an overview of Scientific Computing at STFC.

Speaker – Dr Martyn Winn, STFC

Tuesday 23rd February 2021, 11:00-12:00

In this seminar, Dr Martyn Winn will present a survey of the activities of Scientific Computing, its role within the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and within the national and international research communities. The Scientific Computing Department (SCD) provides generic services for the research community, such as ICAT data archiving and the SCD Cloud, as well as domain-specific platforms, such as JASMIN and PSDS. Support for the large facilities on the Harwell Campus includes the development and deployment of data analysis algorithms. Members of SCD also research methods and applications in a wide variety of scientific domains, often supported by major software packages. Martyn leads the Computational Biology Group within SCD, and will provide some examples from his own group.

This will be the third in a series of imaging seminars from The University of Manchester at Harwell, aimed to increase networking of academics and researchers across the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Harwell National Facilities.

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Webinar: Introduction to National Facilities – Central Laser Facility

‘Microscopy on the micro- to nano-scale: The STFC Central Laser Facility “Octopus” microscopy cluster’.

Dr David Clarke, STFC Central Laser Facility

17 March 2021, 11:00

Registration is now open for 4th seminar in the UoMaH imaging series for the Ideas Forum, and is now advertised on the UoMaH website under events.

Dr David Clarke will talk about the STFC Central Laser Facility’s microscopy cluster, Octopus, which is based in the Research Complex at Harwell, and offers a wide range of laser-based microscopy techniques, and correlative microscopy using light and electrons. The facility is supported by a multidisciplinary team, able to guide the user through all aspects of the experiment, from sample preparation to data analysis and interpretation. In this seminar, Dave will describe the microscopy methods available at Octopus, and will show examples of the wide range of research carried out at the facility, ranging from cancer and infectious disease research, to the characterisation of designer nanomaterials.

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