UK XFEL Catalysis workshop

The UK XFEL Catalysis workshop will take place at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory at Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire on the 27th November 2023.


The UK XFEL project has advanced to a second phase: Conceptual Design and Options Analysis ( Along with this activity, which completes in October 2025, we will be developing an updated “Science and Technology Case”. As part of that process, a series of Townhall meetings and Workshops is being held around the UK, themed on different aspects of the Science and Technology that an advanced XFEL is anticipated to impact.

In view of the considerable potential for novel catalytic science offered by advanced XFEL, one of these events will be a workshop on “The Impact of XFELs on Catalysis”, which is being organised and hosted in conjunction with the UK Catalysis Hub.

Speakers include:  Andy Beale (UCL) Serena DeBeer (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion)  Sofia Diaz-Moreno (Diamond Light Source) Paul Donaldson (Central Laser Facility) Kelly Gaffney (Stanford) Jason Lynam (York) Chris Milne (European XFEL) Tom Penfold (Newcastle) David Thompsett (Johnson Matthey) Philipe Wernet (Uppsala)

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Andrew (Andy) Beale is currently Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at UCL and Group Leader at Research Complex and Chief Scientific Officer of Finden Ltd (incorporated in 2012).
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Paul Donaldson

Dr Paul Donaldson

Group Leader
Paul is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the CLF and R&D group leader, who first joined STFC-Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in 2012. Prior to starting an R&D group at CLF-ULTRA, Paul began his career at RAL as a beamline scientist for Diamond Light Source 2012-13.
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