Professor Andrew Beale

Andrew (Andy) Beale is currently Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at UCL and Group Leader at Research Complex and Chief Scientific Officer of Finden Ltd (incorporated in 2012). He is also a Co-I and principal academic responsible for the Harwell activities of the EPSRC sponsored UK Catalysis Hub. Current research interests concern the study of functional materials used as catalysts and in energy storage with novel chemical imaging techniques using X-ray scattering and/or spectroscopic methods, often studied under dynamic (or operando) conditions.

Andy was awarded a BSc from the University of Sussex followed by a PhD at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on the subject of in situ X-ray crystallisation studies of mixed oxide materials. He then worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow, VENI Research Fellow and Assistant Professor in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Andy then returned to the UK and to UCL in 2013 as an EPSRC Early career fellow.

Andy is a former member of the STFC PSEAP advisory board member and is a current member of the EPSRC college. He is a member of the Project Management Committee for the EPSRC XMaS facility and former vice-chair of the DUBBLE-CRG programme committee in the Netherlands. He has also served on and chaired X-ray absorption and scattering PRPs at the ESRF and SLS light sources as well as acting as a regular reviewer for the beamlines at ESRF. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and recent recipient (2022) of the RSC Peter Day Mid-Career Award.

A Beale