Nium awarded £1m Innovate UK grant to scale-up Green Ammonia


Clean-ammonia innovators Nium have been awarded £1m by the UK government’s Resource Efficiency for Materials and Manufacturing (REforMM) programme.

Current industrial production of ammonia relies heavily on burning fossil fuels. Nium was founded in 2022, and used their initial seed investment to establish a base at Research Complex at Harwell in early 2023. They aim to clean up existing methods of ammonia production by using a novel nanocatalytic process, developed at Diamond Light Source.

The £1m grant is the largest awarded in its category to date. REforMM is an initiative from Innovate UK, aiming to transform the materials and manufacturing sectors, and to make the UK a world leader in resource efficiency.

Nium says: 

We are very happy to be supported in our work by Innovate UK. This award brings us closer to industrial capacity faster, giving hydrogen a more practical 'on demand' vector on the way to a cleaner future for food and fuel. Most importantly this project gets us closer to eliminating emissions at industrial scale as we work to decarbonise the most polluting chemical industrial process on our planet.”

Discover more about Nium here.