HarwellXPS is EPSRC’s National Research Facility in Photoelectron Spectroscopy. Together with our partner hubs offering specialist analysis at Cardiff University, UCL and the University of Manchester, the HarwellXPS service provides access for both academia and industry to a wide range of XPS analysis methods along with the expertise to get the most out of the techniques and data. Our offering includes:

  • XPS and UPS
  • Angle Resolved XPS (ARXPS)
  • XPS Imaging
  • Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS/LEIS)
  • Cluster and Monotomic Ion Depth profiling
  • High Energy XPS and Near Ambient Pressure (NAP) XPS
  • High Temperature and Pressure Treatments.
  • Desktop EXAFS
  • Insitu Raman with XPS