Imaging and Spectroscopy

We host a suite of imaging and analysis facilities across Research Complex and the Electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC at Diamond Light Source), including HarwellXPS and groups of the Central Laser Facility.

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Artemis banner

Artemis at the Central Laser Facility

Artemis uses ultrashort pulses of extreme ultraviolet light to investigate ultrafast electron dynamics in condensed matter and gas-phase molecules, and for coherent lensless imaging.

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Donaldson Group

Donaldson Group

We are a spectroscopy research and applications development group.

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Harwell XPS overall picture


HarwellXPS is EPSRC’s National Research Facility in Photoelectron Spectroscopy.

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Octopus sted microscopy

Octopus at the Central Laser Facility

Octopus is a unique user facility with a suite of advanced laser-based imaging and laser trapping capabilities, such as super-resolution microscopy (including at cryogenic temperature), multidimensional single molecule imaging and tracking, confocal microscopy, light microscopy, an

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Orville Group photo

Orville Group at Diamond

The Orville group uses both synchrotron and X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) sources for serial MX strategies that exploit microcrystal slurries.

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I14 experimental hutch

Parker Group at Diamond

Parker Group work with a range of biological and non-biological systems including coccolithophores, bacteria and nanoplastics, using the microscopy and microbiology facilities at the Research Complex at Harwell to compliment their synchrotron-based research they under

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Ultra at the Central Laser Facility

Ultra combines laser, detector and sample manipulation technology to probe ultrafast molecular dynamics to facilitate innovative research in the physical and life sciences in academia and industry.

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