Dr Weng Ng

Weng is a Wellcome Early-Career Fellow at eBIC, Diamond Light Source, a Group Leader at Research Complex at Harwell, and an academic visitor of the Division of Structural Biology at the University of Oxford. He obtained a BSc Biochemistry from Imperial College London and a DPhil in Cellular Structural Biology from the University of Oxford. Prior to joining Diamond in 2023, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher in Structural Vaccinology at The Jenner Institute, Oxford. 

Weng’s research focuses on the structural and functional characterisation of viral glycoproteins through the application of structural biology, immunology, and cell biology to understand the pathobiology of enveloped RNA viruses and inform the rational development of therapeutics and vaccines.

Weng Ng

Research Interests

Dr Ng's research aims to harness knowledge of glycoprotein structure and function to delineate the pathobiology of emerging viruses and inform upon the rational development of preventive prophylaxis and protective therapeutics including vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.