Cellular and Molecular Biology

The Membrane Protein Laboratory (MPL) is a Wellcome Trust funded user facility and the XChem Laboratory developing methodology in computational and synthetic chemistry for Diamond Light Source. More recently, the Medical Research Council (MRC) funded Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA).

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Arctoris is a biotech services company based in Oxford, Singapore and Boston that applies laboratory automation and computational approaches to accel

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Beis Group

Our group is interested in the structural and functional characterisation of membrane proteins that are involved in bacterial multidrug resistance and human diseases. We use protein X-ray crystallography for their structure determination.

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BM Group overall picture

Biophysical Methods Group

We develop and use a variety of biophysical methods to characterise the interactions of biological macromolecules in solution and in the cell. These include proteins (soluble and membrane bound), protein/DNA complexes and nanoparticles.

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Carr Group

We use a combination of X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, biophysical methods and biochemistry to investigate how a variety of different enzymes achieve catalysis.

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Etcembly, based in the Atlas Centre at Harwell Campus is a Generative AI (artificial intelligence) T Cell Receptor (TCR) discovery engineering company.

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Flaig Group

Flaig Group at Diamond

Epigenetic modifications (reversible, heritable genetic changes that occur without changes in DNA sequence) lead to chromatin remodelling, altered gene expression and changes in the cellular phenotype.

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B24 beamline

Harkiolaki Group at Diamond

B24 is a correlative cryo-imaging beamline based at Diamond Light Source, offering 3D imaging of the cellular landscape with soft X-ray tomography (cryoSXT) complemented by super resolution fluorescence structured illumination microscopy (cryoSIM). 

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Hough Group

Hough Group at Diamond

Hough Group's research uses advanced structural biology and related methods to understand the structure and function of metalloproteins.

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Peter at work

Membrane Protein Laboratory (MPL)

The Membrane Protein Laboratory (MPL) is a Diamond Light Source user facility based at Research Complex.  Re-funded by Wellcome until 2027, the MPL is a research and training resource for scientists interested understanding the structure and function of membrane proteins.&n

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NanoVation Therapeutics UK

NanoVation Therapeutics (NTx) is a delivery technology company focused on the development and optimisation of next-generation lipid nanoparticle (LNP) gene delivery technologies to enable and expande the scope of gene therapy.

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NeoVac is creating revolutionary, unique and proprietary next generation lipid nanoparticles (LNP) to enable better RNA vaccines for various diseases.

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Ng Research Overview

Ng Group at Diamond

The Ng Group employs integrative structural, functional, and computational methodologies to provide a comprehensive understanding of viral glycoprotein architecture and functionality.

Our research consists of three major areas:

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Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA)

The Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA) is a newly established, independent, not-for-profit Medical Research Council (MRC) Unit – part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Our mission is to advance the development of nucleic acid therapies an

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RFI handover

Rosalind Franklin Institute

The Rosalind Franklin Institute, led by Director Professor James Naismith, is the UK’s institute for technology development in life science.

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Spagnolo Group overview

Spagnolo Group

Research in the Spagnolo group focusses on the structural studies of macromolecular machines involved in gene replication, expression and

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Wagner Group photo

Wagner Group at Diamond

Wagner Group exploits the long-wavelength macromolecular crystallography beamline I23 at Diamond Light Source.

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Walsh Group overall picture

Walsh Group at Diamond

Our research is using a targeted structural and functional approach to understanding at the molecular level how bacteria cause disease.

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XChem overall picture

XChem at Diamond

The XChem Lab at Research Complex is an extension of the XChem initiative, a joint lab spanning Diamond and CMD-Oxford, which developed and runs Diamond’s very successful XChem facility for crystal-based fragment screening.

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eBIC group photo

Zhang Group at Diamond

Our research is aimed at an integrated, atomistic understanding of molecular mechanisms of large protein complexes and assemblies by developing and combining novel technologies for high-resolution cryoEM and cryo-electron tomography with complementary computati

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Related Equipments

Mosquito Crystal

The mosquito crystal helps scientists to automate and streamline liquid handling workflows in protein crystallography drop setting and be

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