Latest Update from Director David Payne

As we move from summer into autumn, I’m looking forward to seeing new faces at Research Complex as our groups welcome new members to their teams based with us. It continues to be a challenging time for us all but I am very proud of how everyone at Research Complex has contributed to making us as safe as possible and scientifically productive.

This includes Covid-19 research where a team led by the Rosalind Franklin Institute, working at Research Complex, along with collaborators at the University of Oxford, Diamond Light Source and many others have recently published a paper showing highly effective treatment against Covid-19 using modified llama nanobodies. The paper, published in Nature Communications can be found here.


As society moves back to a sense of pre-pandemic normality, we are doing the same at Research Complex. Thanks to you all for working with the Core Team to enable a switch of the Cloudbooking software from laboratories to offices, which continues to increase our capacity. We have also made the meeting room available again for use, and it is good to see this being utilised. We have also added more furniture to the lobby, and I hope you can take advantage of the comfortable seating as the weather changes!



Image: Copyright of Imperial College London