Latest Update from Director David Payne

Research continues apace at RCaH, despite the ongoing challenges. With the spring weather and the vaccine rollout, I am hopeful of better times ahead. The health and safety for all who work at the Research Complex remains my, and the core team’s utmost priority. Please book your slot either via the Cloudbooking system, or if you do not have access, please ask your Group Leader. We are constantly keeping the system under review, and will continue to support you and your efforts to complete your research projects. If you have any specific concerns, please do contact me.

Since January, Diamond have been kindly providing a facility for us to be able to Lateral Flow Test (LFT) contractors who will be visiting the Research Complex.   We are now moving to a position    where we will take responsibility for ensuring that all contractors and visitors to the Research Complex have had a recent LFT.   The preference is for tests to have been completed before visitors come to the Complex, but testing is available at the Complex if this is not possible.  Full details of this have been circulated to all Group Leaders and Level 3 users.

We have continued to support the Rosalind Franklin Institute during the move to their new premises and facilitate their needs in continuing their work as they set up in their new home. We look forward to supporting them with exciting future collaborations. This month marks a new chapter here as the Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA) joins RCaH. The NATA is a major MRC initiative to accelerate the development of innovative nucleic acid therapeutics for new precision medicines. Locating the NATA at RCaH brings significant benefits such proximity to the large-scale facilities, as well as being at the heart of a growing Life Health Cluster.

Also I encourage you to read the recent highlight articles of Dr Dave Scott and Dr. Chu Lun Alex Leung, highlighting the continued efforts of our colleagues. As Dr. Scott mentions, “if the recent COVID pandemic has shown us anything, it is that highly collaborative research is often they key to successful science.” I echo that comment and wanted to reiterate how proud we are at Research Complex to support your research, and look forward to accelerating the collaboration between the groups and on the wider Harwell Campus.

Image: Copyright of Imperial College London