Dr Colin Miles

Dr Colin Miles is Head of the Strategy and team leader for the Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Growth sector at BBSRC and is chair of the Executive Board of the Research Complex at Harwell.

Colin has worked in a number of different areas in the research council system, including plant sciences, biomolecular sciences, structural biology, biochemistry, cell biology, drug delivery, bioinformatics, synchrotron, neutron and laser facilities, stem cells, regenerative medicine and systems biology.

His current role is to lead a team in BBSRC to help increase the capacity and capability of the UK academic base in research, training and knowledge exchange activities in clean growth research.  This is being achieved through developing national and international partnerships within UKRI, with other European nations and countries such as Argentina, Brazil and India with a particular focus on the use of wastes and residues as feedstocks.  His most recent role in his portfolio of activities is to manage BBSRC’s participation in anti-microbial resistance research and training through both national and international collaborations.