Director's Welcome

Professor David Payne, Research Complex

David Payne - facing away (black and white)

Welcome to Research Complex at Harwell, a unique UKRI organisation that is designed to maximise the potential and impact of your research.

Our science and engineering covers three main areas (1) Molecular and Cellular Biology (2) Functional Materials and (3) Imaging and Spectroscopy and we pride ourselves on our open, innovative and collaborative approach, which is embodied in our values. Our location alongside the UK’s large-scale facilities of Diamond, ISIS and Central Laser Facility, as well as organisations such as the Rosalind Franklin Institute results in an unrivalled environment of creativity and opportunity.

Since becoming Director in 2019 it has been a privilege to be able to lead an organisation that makes an impact, from our work with Diamond and RFI during the pandemic, to the breakthroughs in catalysis and advanced manufacturing to name just a few examples. Our researchers come from dozens of universities, national facilities and spin-outs – there is no other organisation that has such breadth and diversity, which contributes to our uniqueness within the UK research ecosystem. A core team provides support and expertise, enabling our researchers to make ground-breaking discoveries with our state-of-the-art capability. My priority is to continue to develop and grow this unique research institution, and I look forward to you to contacting me to discuss opportunities for your research ideas at Research Complex.

David Payne - facing away (black and white)