Research Showcase

RCaH continues to deliver outstanding and impactful science of international quality.

Here are some recent research highlights.

New family of gel-like smart materials

The Multifunctional Materials & Composites (MMC) Laboratory engineers metal-organic framework (MOF) materials, hybrid thin films, porous structures and nanocomposites for functional and structural applications from energy to healthcare. As long-term users of DLS and ISIS, RCaH is the ideal home for their materials via EM, TGA, UV-Vis and Raman spectroscopy. This synergy led to the…

Exploiting the spintronics potential at the surface of topological insulators

The tremendous potential of topological insulators for applications in the next generation of device technology has been known for some years, but finding a way to make use of their exciting properties has been difficult. Researchers at RCaH and DLS have demonstrated that these insulators can be used to separate the spin and charge information…

Discovery of new allosteric drugs

The RCaH crystallisation lab is a pillar of Diamond’s XChem facility. The approach has proved particularly powerful for discovering new allosteric drugging opportunities. In PTO1B, long abandoned as undruggable, fragments revealed how to exploit dramatic movements. In α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, where normal fluctuations of neurotransmitter release must be retained, a vestibular site was shown…

Archeal virus structure solved

Scientists at RCaH have used cryo-EM to solve the structure of thermophilic archeal virus APBV-1. The viral capsid is predominantly composed of a single, highly hydrophobic protein resulting in a stable, tightly packed structure, which allows the virus to thrive at high temperatures.