Research Showcase

RCaH continues to deliver outstanding and impactful science of international quality.

Here are some recent research highlights.

Mapping the complete reaction path of a complex photochemical reaction

Using the Artemis laser, a team from University of Southampton in collaboration with scientists at the CLF have been working to try to uncover what really happens during these extremely fast timescales. To date, observing complex photochemical reactions has hitherto offered an incomplete picture, because most spectroscopic techniques are not able to measure key parts…

Illuminating the mechanism of photoactivation of a prototypical fluorescent protein

Using time-resolved infrared spectroscopy, scientists have unravelled with great accuracy the extremely fast structure changes that occur in a photochromic fluorescent protein as it switches from its dark (off) to light (on) state.

Controlling magnetic skyrmion motion without an electric current

Researchers from RCaH and the University of Oxford have shown that magnetic field gradient is an efficient way of manipulating skyrmions.

The photograph shows a 3D printed model of a Bloch-type skyrmion.

New beamline system offers insights into electron behaviour

ARPES measurements of thin films of EuO grown on I05 uncover unusual electron interactions