Success Stories

Interaction across disciplines enriches research

Professor Stan Botchway wears two hats at RCaH – in addition to his safety goggles. He drives his own research projects and he is also Facility Manager for the Octopus endstations – Octopus being the imaging facility in the Central Laser Facility within the RCaH. ‘Just being here means that I interact with other groups…

Josie Goodall

Catalysis Hub goes from strength to strength

The Hub is a UK network of universities involved in catalysis research, whose main aim is to bring the UK community together, through conferences, events and collaborative research. And it is based at RCaH. Originally, the Hub consisted of just three or four people. Now, five years later, it has grown to about 30 people….

RCaH spin-off has spin-off benefits

A spin-off company set up by Professor Pavel Matousek, STFC Senior Fellow within STFC’s Central Laser Facility (CLF) , and his colleagues (including Professor Tony Parker, also from CLF) that was originally based in the RCaH is coming back to the Harwell campus, and will create new opportunities for further collaboration as well as for…

Alex Greenaway

Paper publishing rate increases

One tangible measure of success in research is the number of papers published. The very fact of being at RCaH seems to increase publication rate, because being so close to the central facilities improves the efficiency of the research. Alex Greenaway is a postdoc in Andy Beale’s group, working on a project to develop and…