Paper publishing rate increases

Alex Greenaway

One tangible measure of success in research is the number of papers published. The very fact of being at RCaH seems to increase publication rate, because being so close to the central facilities improves the efficiency of the research.

Alex Greenaway is a postdoc in Andy Beale’s group, working on a project to develop and interrogate Cu/Fe-based small-pore zeolites for deNOx using NH3-SCR. He came to RCaH specifically because of the opportunity to work in these advanced techniques to study materials mostly using the synchrotron but also using the equipment in the Central Laser Facility.

Says Alex: ‘The vast majority of papers I have worked on have included data collected using the synchrotron. Being here is excellent for engaging with the staff at the central facilities.

‘It is critical for getting beamtime proposals accepted that the science case is robust, the experiment is feasible and that it can be done safely. Being able to contact the beamline scientists prior to submission helps us to write good proposals.

‘It feels more like a research institution than a university.’