CCP-EM: Collaborative Computational Project for Electron Cryo-Microscopy


The Collaborative Computational Project for electron cryo-microscopy (CCP-EM) supports users and developers in biological EM. The three principal aims are:

  • Build a UK community for computational aspects of cryo-EM. Provide a focus for the cryo-EM community to interact with CCP4/CCPBioSim/CCPN, and the broader international community.
  • Support the users of software for cryo-EM through dissemination of information on available software, and directed training.
  • Support for software developers including porting, testing, and distribution of software.

To meet this aims CCP-EM produces a software suite which encompasses algorithms developed in-house by the CCP-EM group and tools contributed from 15 leading international collaborators includ-ing MRC-LMB, EMBL, EBI, DLS, RFI and Universities of York, Manchester, Birkbeck, Delft and Hamburg.   CCP-EM also organises a programme of software training workshops as well as an annual conference - the CCP-EM Spring Symposium.

CCP-EM has been supported by the MRC since 2012 through a series of Partnership Grants.  The CCP-EM core team is based in the Scientific Computing Department of STFC and has been located at Research Complex since inception.