RCaH postdoc wins Anne McLaren Research Fellowship

29 Apr 2018

Karen Robertson has been awarded an Anne McLaren Research Fellowship at the University of Nottingham. Karen attributes her success in gaining this award ‘in part to the support I have received at the Research Complex at Harwell’. She adds: ‘I have found Professor Naismith to be very approachable. He wrote a letter of support for my application including offering laboratory and office space upon successful appointment in addition to access to facilities as well as further mentoring and support. The offer of lab space and access to facilities is particularly useful to a new academic where lab space is often in short supply and facility access removes the barriers to our research.

Karen has been stationed part-time at RCaH for over a year as a postdoctoral researcher for the EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub for Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation. She says: ‘As a new group within RCaH, we have felt very welcome and been given the support for our research needs. The proximity of RCaH to Diamond Light Source (DLS) has been extremely useful. I have two established collaborations with DLS that are further enabled by our close placement, especially as we have large apparatus which has to be transported back and forth. Additionally, as a result of sharing lab space with the UK Catalysis Hub, I have initiated a new collaboration with another beamline at DLS.’