Professor James Naismith Wins Prestigious Award

24 May 2019

Professor James Naismith has been named winner of the prestigious Tilden Prizes from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Professor Naismith, of the Rosalind Franklin Institute, the University of Oxford, and the Research Complex at Harwell, has won the award for career-long breakthroughs in structural and chemical dissection of natural product biosynthesis.

Receiving the award, Professor Naismith said:

“This award recognises the team work of the talented students, technicians and post-docs who I have been very fortunate to have worked with. Without UKRI, EU and Wellcome funding and access to synchrotrons, Diamond in particular, none of this would have been possible. I have always loved chemistry, I still find enzymes the most interesting problem in science. Finding out how they work has been the very fulfilling and this award is a lovely bonus.”

Professor Naismith lives in Oxford, but spent 23 years as an academic at St Andrews. He was born and raised in Hamilton, Scotland and is a proud graduate of the local state school Hamilton Grammar. In winning the award, Professor Naismith also receives £5,000 and a medal.