Open Day at RCaH

23 Jun 2018

On 21 June 2018, the Research Complex at Harwell celebrated the annual MRC Festival by opening its doors to Key Stage 3 school students (13-14 years old). Fifty school students from five local schools and their teachers attended the event.

Thanks to the research groups and staff here, the school students were offered a range of activities and demonstrations:

  • Laser displays: to find out how we use lasers to understand the world around us
  • Growing crystals: to see how we study proteins by a hands-on experiment to crystallise a protein
  • DNA extraction: to learn how to extract DNA from strawberries
  • Interactive display of X-ray tomography.
  • Handling 3D prints of ice cream magnified 100 times and see what makes it taste so good; then test some of our ice cream prepared using liquid nitrogen.

We received very enthusiastic and positive feedback after the event. Voting pads indicated that the event had encouraged many of those attending to consider a career in science.