Rosalind Franklin Institute build completed

RFI handover - Sean Dillow

The UKRI has announced that the Rosalind Franklin Institute has reached practical completion with the fitting of the interiors to be next. The Rosalind Franklin Institute is an important collaborator for the Research Complex at Harwell, with its staff and scientists working within the RCaH whilst the building work continued.

Professor James Naismith, Director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute and previous Director of the Research Complex said of this exciting development and crucial milestone, ‘This is a building created by scientists for cutting edge research, and we are looking forward to continuing to deliver impact for the UK.

The hub shows that it is possible to deliver a highly functional science building that is on budget, on time, energy efficient, a record breaker in space utilisation, and visually inspiring.

Our scientists coming together in the building for the first time will deliver scientific firsts impacting across the UK nations. By doing so we will honour the legacy of our namesake Rosalind Franklin and try to be worthy of bearing her name.’

The Research Complex acknowledge the critical and important work by our RFI colleagues and wish them all the best in their new facilities as they make preparations to move. We look forward to further future collaborations with our new next door neighbour. Further pieces will appear as this exciting new transition at the Harwell Campus is made.

Photograph: Sean Dillow