Research Complex Group Leader Jacqui Cole to deliver Royal Society Clifford Paterson Lecture

Jacqui Cole - ISIS profile

Professor Jacqueline Cole, Group Leader of Molecular Engineering at Research Complex at Harwell will be delivering the Royal Society’s Clifford Paterson Lecture today after winning the medal in 2020. Jacqui holds a joint appointment between ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and Cambridge University.

Her lecture will be entitled ‘Data-driven Materials Discovery’ and will be presented at the Royal Society, but presentation of the medal and lecture has been delayed until now owing to the Royal Society needing time to resume events post-pandemic.  

Her highly interdisciplinary research combines artificial intelligence with data science, computational methods and experimental research to realise a ‘design-to-device’ pipeline for data-driven materials discovery. Professor Cole has been awarded the prestigious medal “for the development of photo-crystallography and the discovery of novel high-performance nonlinear optical materials and light-harvesting dyes using molecular design rules” (The Royal Society, November 2022).

The Clifford Paterson Medal and Lecture is given for outstanding contributions in the field of engineering. The lectureship was originally endowed by The General Electric Company in memory of Clifford Paterson FRS, who founded the GEC Research Laboratories in 1919. Originally the lectures were given on electrical science and technology but this was later broadened to any aspect of engineering. The first lecture was given in 1975. The medal is of bronze, is awarded biennially and is accompanied by a gift of £2,000.

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