JMT Medal Winner Announced

23 May 2019



HARWELL, OXFORD -The UK Catalysis Hub have named Dr. James Paterson from BP as winner of the Sir John Meurig Thomas Catalysis Medal at the UK Catalysis Hub Spring Conference on the 2nd of May 2019. Dr. James Paterson was selected from the nominations for top early career scientists working in the United Kingdom to win the medal for 2019. The medal honours the achievements of Sir John Meurig Thomas, a distinguished professor in the field of catalysis and we were thrilled to have Sir John Meurig Thomas present the medal this year.

Professor Chris Hardacre, UK Catalysis Hub Director said,The JMT Medal has been awarded to Dr. James Paterson for his outstanding contribution to industrial catalytic processes.  The award reflects not only the scientific excellence of his work but also its impact in industrially, economically and socially important areas. He is a worthy winner of the JMT Medal.”

James’ research has been to develop Fischer-Tropsch technology for non-recyclable waste and convert it through a series of steps into high quality biofuels such as biojet. This provides a sustainable and low carbon alternative to fossil fuels rather than landfill. BP (with partners) expect to begin production on the first plant in the USA in 2020. James’ work has focused on the development of the FT catalyst and novel reactor system.

James’ work has also been published in several patents a peer review article in recent years.

Dr. James Paterson delivered a lecture on catalysis to the UK Catalysis Hub Spring conference attended by over 140 people. He said on winning, “Winning this award is a great honour and privilege. Sir John has a renowned global reputation in the field of catalysis and so it is wonderful to have my work recognised in this way!  It is also a particular honour to represent the industrial research sector with this award, where catalysis is applied to solve global problems. I must also thank BP and my colleagues for their support in developing my research and taking it to the next level for commercial deployment in 2020.”

Speakers for the Catalysis Hub Spring conference included members of the Catalysis Hub and wider international catalysis community. The JMT medal was generously sponsored by BP, JM, Dr Reddys, Givaudan and Royal Society of Chemistry Applied Catalysis Group.