NMR Spectrometer: Bruker Avance III 400

RCaH provides a Bruker Avance III 400MHz NMR spectrometer for research use.

It includes:

  • AVANCE-III two-channel console, of latest digital design capable of performing all modern NMR experiments
  • Shielded magnet system (UltraShieldPlus) to enhance screening of external magnet field disturbances
  • Broadband multinuclear (BBFOPlus) probe:
    • Allows observation of nuclei in the frequency range 19F to 15N, plus 1H
    • Fitted with z-gradient coils for gradient spectroscopy and gradient shimming
    • Fitted with automatic tuning and matching controls (ATM) for access to all nuclei in full automation
  • Automatic sample changer with 60 position carousel
  • Variable temperature range down to approximately -120°C
  • Chiller unit for long-term operation at temperatures below ambient

TopSpin software

Offline analysis of data can be made using TopSpin software, which includes all typical processing and analysis functions for 1D-8D data.

TopSpin is compatible with a variety of sources of NMR data, including Bruker formats (XWIN-NMR, WIN-NMR and ASPECT), the JCAMP-DX standard format, and data sourced from most other instrument vendors.

Also available is the PERCH spectrum prediction module, which can be used for structure verification and/or prediction.