The JEM-2100 electron microscope has been designed for use in fields including materials, nanoelectronics and biological sciences.

The JEM-2100 features a high-stability goniometer stage specifically tuned for high tilt tomographic applications. Users may select from a variety of illumination conditions, ranging from full convergent beam to parallel illumination. An objective mini lens means that Lorentz microscopy is a standard feature of this microscope.

The equipment at the research complex provides:

  • In-gap (for delicate samples) objective apertures
  • Single-tilt sample holder with quick exchange tips plus tomography tip
  • Double-tilt sample holder
  • Cryo specimen holder (Gatan) for imaging frozen unstained samples and carrying out cryo-ET experiments.
  • HAADF detector for STEM imaging
  • EDS detector (Oxford Instruments)

Advanced software is available for use with the TEM and Gatan digital camera:

  • Gatan TEM Tomography software
  • Gatan AutoTune software
  • Gatan DigitalMontage software
  • Gatan HREM tuning software
  • Gatan Digital Streaming Video software
  • Aztec (Oxford Instruments)

Users unfamiliar with DigitalMicrograph have the option to use the increasingly popular SerialEM package to control the microscope. However, tilt series acquisition is limited to the parallel illumination mode (no STEM tomography).