JEOL dual beam (4700F)

The JEOL 4700F is a dual beam system (Focused gallium ion beam and scanning electron microscope).

Highlighted capability

  • Reduce sample thickness from a bulk material (a) to a thin material (b) using a gallium ion beam so it can be imaged using techniques such as TEM (c).

(a) milled lamella in material ready for lift out (b) thinned down lamella (c) STEM atomic resolution image of the lamella.

  • Serial block face imaging to gain volumetric information about the sample.

System features

  • Detectors for secondary electrons and backscattered electrons.
  • Schottky-emission electron gun.
  • SEM resolution of 1.6nm at 1kV.
  • Ga ion beam.
  • Gas injection system for deposition of Tungsten or Platinum.
  • Different sample holders to accommodate samples of various sizes (shown below).

  • Ex situ lift out
  • In situ lift out is coming soon.


The dual beam microscope is located in the i14 building at Diamond. Matt Spink is the support scientist for the instrument, please get in touch by email or phone 01235778332 if you are interested in using the FIB SEM or have any questions.