COVID-19 Guidelines for Staff, Users and Visitors at the Research Complex at Harwell


Anyone attending the RCaH must be booked in on the Cloudbooking system that has been setup for the RCaH:

Please be aware that any User, Engineer or Visitor that comes into the building will count towards the permitted allowance of staff numbers for the day, and will have to be booked in to the laboratory they are working in.

If you plan to work across multiple laboratories, then please also be aware that you will need to be booked into these as well. Under exceptional circumstances, these slots can be booked in to Core Team slots (CT6, CT7, CT8, and CT10). However, this is on a case-by-case basis and will need approval from the Core Team.

User info:


  1. Please check with Zuzanna Lalanne ( if you are listed on your groups Proforma return, which was established during Level 4. If you are not, please ask the Group Leader of your team to add you to her/his Proforma, which will need to be resubmitted to the RCaH for consideration.
  2. Read the RCaH back to work documents “Step 1 – Return to Work Guidance” and the “Step 1 Generic RA RCaH”.
  3. Complete and pass the STFC CV19 Online Training. It can be accessed here:

Please use your email address, or other address associated with the RAL site if you have one (i.e. Diamond, RFI, etc.). You should not need to create a new Totara account but may have to use a separate password.

For other email address holders, please  use the “Create New Account” button on the login page and follow the instructions.

  1. Once these have both been done, please email Zuzanna Lalanne to confirm that you:
  • have read and understand the RCaH back to work guidance document and generic RA
  • have passed the STFC (or DLS) online COVID-19 training.
  1. The date for your return to the RCaH lab will be confirmed to you or / and your team Group Leader.
  2. You will then be added to the RCaH authorised staff list which is hold by the RAL Security and RAL site passes office.
  3. You will be added to the CIS (Cloudbooking Information System) so you can start booking your presence at the RCaH.


  1. Please read, digest and confirm that you have read and understand the RCaH back to work document “Step 1 – Return to Work Guidance” and the “Step 1 Generic RA RCaH”.
  2. If you plan to be on site for less than 20 days,  the STFC CV19 Online Training is not required. If greater than 20 days,  please complete the online training before visiting the site.
  3. Please inform the Core Team that you will be attending site.
  4. Please book in at Security as you would have before the COVID 19 restrictions came into effect:

  1. Please could we ask all Group Leaders to ensure that if you are not on site when your visitors or users will be at the RCaH, that they have someone from your group in the RCaH to look after and supervise them whilst in the building.

Thank you for your cooperation.