Guidelines for Staff, Users and Visitors at the Research Complex at Harwell

With COVID-19 restrictions gradually being lifted by the UK government, here at Research Complex, we recognise the desire to further increase our scientific capacity. Your safety remains our utmost priority and we have decided to retain a number of measures for the moment, as we still have a proportion of our users who are not yet fully vaccinated. In order to maintain balance, we wish to relax other measures to maximize occupancy for science and to stay aligned with other research organizations on site such as the Rosalind Franklin and Diamond, with whom we have close and interconnected relationships. The key points are as follows:

  • Face masks will remain mandatory at all times unless you are either sat at your desk in the office or eating. 
  • We will maintain 2m social distancing where possible, and occupancy limits will be relaxed in offices by moving from a square meterage occupancy calculation to a calculation based on 2m distancing capability – this should enable office occupancy to be significantly increased.  
  • As our laboratories have a significant number of air changes per hour, we will remove the limit on numbers of people working in the laboratories. We would ask that you are considerate of others when moving around and maintain social distancing. 
  • Please keep windows open to ensure air flow throughout the offices and laboratories.
  • All guidelines, as outlined below, regarding lateral flow testing of visitors/engineers and guidance around what to do if you have been exposed or contacted the virus remain in place.  You should also continue to follow government guidelines if you have symptoms or are exposed to Covid.

It is important that we provide spaces at RCaH that reflect the relaxation of rules in wider society, and feel that these changes in the laboratories and offices are important, and in which a sense of return to normality can begin to resume.

Thank you again for your continuing support in ensuring Research Complex can continue to be as effective and safe as possible.


Anyone attending the RCaH must be booked in on the Cloudbooking system that has been setup for the RCaH:

Please be aware that any User, Engineer or Visitor that comes into the building will count towards the permitted allowance of staff numbers for the day, and will have to be booked in to the laboratory they are working in.

If you plan to work across multiple laboratories, then please also be aware that you will need to be booked into these as well. Under exceptional circumstances, these slots can be booked in to Core Team slots (CT6, CT7, CT8, and CT10). However, this is on a case-by-case basis and will need approval from the Core Team.


  1. We encourage you to take lateral flow tests at home on a weekly basis.


  1. You will need to take a lateral flow test before visiting Research Complex and bring proof of your negative result.
  2. Please inform the Core Team that you will be attending site.
  3. Please book in at Security as you would have before the COVID 19 restrictions came into effect:

  1. Please could we ask all Group Leaders to ensure that if you are not on site when your visitors or users will be at the RCaH, that they have someone from your group in the RCaH to look after and supervise them whilst in the building.

Thank you for your cooperation.