Guidelines for Staff, Users and Visitors at the Research Complex at Harwell

The safety of everyone remains our utmost priority here at Research Complex and a number of measures remain in place.

  • Face masks are mandatory at all times unless you are either sat at your desk in the office or eating. 
  • You should maintain 2m social distancing where possible, and office occupancy limits are based on 2m distancing capability between desks.
  • Office attendance will reflect the number of desks that can be accommodated in each office at 2m distance. Desks will be available to book through Cloudbooking. Please do not plan to be in an office unless you have a slot booked. 
  • As our laboratories have a significant number of air changes per hour, there are no restrictions on the number of people able to work in the lab. However, you are reminded to be aware of social distancing and we ask that you are considerate of others when moving around.
  • Please keep windows open to ensure air flow throughout the offices and building.
  • We encourage our staff, users and visitors to take lateral flow tests on a regular basis to help control the virus. All visitors/engineers must take a lateral flow test prior to visiting Research Complex, bringing proof of their negative result.
  • All guidance around what to do if you have been exposed or contracted the virus remain in place.  You should follow government guidelines if you have symptoms or are exposed to COVID.
  • Additional to Government guidelines, if you have been in contact with someone who has a confirmed diagnosis, you should not return to Research Complex until you have had a negative PCR test, even if you have had both vaccinations and the booster. We recognise this goes beyond the current government guidance, but we feel this will provide an additional level of protection, with minimal disruption.

It is important that we provide spaces at Research Complex that reflect the relaxation of rules in wider society and in which a sense of return to normality can begin to resume. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in ensuring Research Complex can continue to be as safe and effective as possible.