CLF breaks world record in laser technology collaboration

17 Feb 2021

The Central Laser Facility (CLF), based at the Research Complex at Harwell has set a new world record for the output of a high power, high repetition rate laser. This new world record took place via a test of the Diode Pumped Optical Laser for Experiments (DiPOLE) 100 system.

According to STFC News, it was operated for an hour at 10 pulses per second with a pulse energy in excess of 145 J, which is an increase of nearly 50% more than the system’s original specification.

This new technology is extremely beneficial as it will help to achieve better data, detecting weak signals against background noise.

This is very important for facilities like CLF’s new Extreme Photonics Applications Centre, intended to image materials and complex working structures at ultra-high contrast.

Image appears copyright of CLF: The DiPOLE laser during recommissioning at HiLASE