RCaH provides effective and valued training for early-career researchers using a range of cutting-edge facilities. We also support and enable scientific programmes of Central Facility staff.

We see training as a core component of our mission. RCaH is a partner in three PhD training programmes covering a range of UK universities. The students benefit from ready access to the Central Facilities.

Industrial Case Awards or top-ups have supported many of our students, and we are partners in Centre for Doctoral Training bids.

About 250 PhD students per year visit RCaH for short training courses, including  residential courses for both life and physical sciences doctoral training centres. Courses include lectures, tours and hands-on demonstrations.

In addition to our expertise in crystallography, RCaH has a unique strength in neutrons, lasers and protein production. Electron microscopy (particularly single particle but also tomography) has developed quickly in recent years and there is a widely acknowledged shortfall in people with cryo-EM proficiency. RCaH, with the planned purchase of a basic electron microscope, and the Diamond national facility, are ideally positioned to deliver training in EM. We aim to train more than 40 scientists a year.

Our EM technician and biophysical instrumentation technician enable us to provide specialist training of those instruments, as well as help with sample preparation and advanced analysis of the results.

We have an excellent record in supporting postdoctoral researchers into their next role and in growing the careers of group leaders.

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