Research Complex at Harwell provides unique and valued training for early-career researchers using a range of our cutting-edge facilities.

We see training as a core component of our mission. Research Complex is a partner in a number of PhD training programmes from 25 UK universities and we also support Industrial Case Award students and top-ups. The students benefit from ready access to the large scale facilities across the Harwell campus.

Around 180 PhD students per year are based at Research Complex for their doctoral research and benefit from the opportunities available for a wide range of specialised instrument training. Our facilities are also available for short-term visitors with training available if required.

Our EM Specialist and Biophysical Instrumentation Specialist can provide specialist training of instruments in their field, as well as assist with sample preparation and advanced analysis of results.

In addition to specific instrument training we can also offer:

  • Online building induction
  • Online H&S induction
  • Online Laboratory Induction
  • Face to face laboratory induction – Life sciences
  • Face to face laboratory induction – Physical sciences
  • Cell culture laboratory induction
  • Laboratory G.64 induction;
  • Isotope laboratory induction
  • Liquid Nitrogen dispensing training
  • Hazardous waste removal procedure training
  • Gas burners training
  • Autoclave training
  • Incubators shakers cleaning up procedures
  • Housekeeping induction
  • Access to training courses offered by STFC SHE group

Access to online RCaH Inductions

Access to RCaH instruments training, additional RCaH training and induction via Infinity booking system

Access to STFC SHE training courses

We have an excellent record in supporting postdoctoral researchers into their next role and in growing the careers of group leaders.

For more information, please contact us.