Title: Single Cell Cryo-Soft X-ray Tomography Shows That Each Chlamydia Trachomatis Inclusion Is a Unique Community of Bacteria
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Title: Combining Multicolor FISH with Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging for Chromosomal Identification and Chromosomal Sub Structure Investigation
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Title: Cycling Rate-Induced Spatially-Resolved Heterogeneities in Commercial Cylindrical Li-Ion Batteries
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Title: Micro-SORS, diffusion processes and heritage science: a non-destructive and systematic investigation
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Title: Unraveling compacted graphite evolution during solidification of cast iron using in-situ synchrotron X-ray tomography
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Title: Fundamental Flaw in the Current Construction of the TiO2 Electron Transport Layer of Perovskite Solar Cells and Its Elimination
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Title: Probing the Structure of Melts, Glasses, and Amorphous Materials
Authors: Chris J. Benmore and Martin C. Wilding 
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Title: Integrated CO2 capture and utilization with CaO-alone for high purity syngas production
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Title: Adenine Radical Cation Formation by a Ligand-Centered Excited State of an Intercalated Chromium Polypyridyl Complex Leads to Enhanced DNA Photo-oxidation
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Title: In situ Tracking of Individual Collagen Fibre Bundles in Intact Loaded Intervertebral Discs Exposes Damage-Susceptible Collagen Organisations
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