Terrific Tomography
Our tomography uses X-rays from Diamond, or from the CT machines at RCaH, to look at projected pictures through materials, called ‘radiographs’. The different components inside appear with different contrast, just like a medical X-ray. Using computer techniques we reconstruct these radiographs into full 3D volumes, letting us see inside objects in 3D.

Tomographic images showing the growth of gas bubbles inside volcanic magma at over 1000°C.


Revolutionary Rigs
With specially-constructed experimental rigs, we can heat, cool, squash or twist objects as we take measurements, and then observe changes through time, to probe the science in 4D.
Using these rigs we can replicate many real-life conditions, from high pressures and temperatures deep inside the Earth, to the wear and tear on an engine in use.
Our 4D Science studies the microscopic world in a way that wasn’t previously possible, allowing advances in many areas - from healthcare and energy, to food production and protection against natural disasters.

 An experimental rig used at Diamond to replicate the conditions deep inside a volcano for tomography experiments.

Watch our video about tomography using the CT machines at RCaH