Professor So Iwata is awarded the Aminoff Prize 2010

The Gregori Aminoff Prize

The Aminoff Prize is intended to reward a documented, individual contribution in the field of crystallography, including areas concerned with the dynamics of the formation and determination of crystal structures. The prize may be awarded either to an individual Swedish or foreign researcher, or to a joint research group of no more than three persons. The Aminoff Prize was awarded for the first time in 1979.

This award is in recognition of So Iwata's "seminal crystallographic studies of membrane proteins. Using state-of-the-art crystallographic methods, he has elucidated vital biological functions within the fields of cellular respiration, photosynthesis and molecular transport.”

The Aminoff prize will be awarded at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' Annual meeting on 31st March 2010. More information is available from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Professor So Iwata is David Blow Chair of Biophysics, Imperial College, London, Diamond Fellow, Diamond Light Source and BBSRC Diamond Professorial Fellow