Previous Seminars: 2015

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Date Speaker(s) Organisation Topic
Previous Seminars 2015

10 Dec 2015

Goran Jovanovic

Imperial College London

Mitigation of the bacterial plasma membrane stress

16 Nov 2015

Steve Brown

MRC Harwell

Building the first comprehensive functional catalogue of a mammalian genome

23 Oct 2015

David I Roper

University of Warwick

Variations on a theme: Mechanistic understanding of Bacterial peptidoglycan stem peptide composition in structure and antibiotic resistance

08 Oct 2015

Simon Beaumont 

University of Durham

Next generation heterogeneous catalysis – insights from nanomaterials

13 Aug 2015

Paul Collier

Johnson Matthey Technology Centre


14 May 2015

Steve Busby

University of Birmingham

Regulation at simple and complex bacterial promoters

20 Apr 2015

Panos Soultanas

University of Nottingham

nhibition of biofilms by ferric quinate and its mimics; mechanistic understanding and commercial exploitation

12 Mar 2015

Peter Moody

University of Leicester

Hydrogen in heme enzymes - catching the wave

12 Feb 2015

Prof Uwe Vinkemeier

University of Nottingham

STAT protein phase transitions in cytokine signalling

22 Jan 2015

Dr Mark Odell

University of Westminster

Understanding the cellular roles of DJ-1 to unravel causes of Parkinson's disease