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11 Oct 2012

Kylie Vincent


Ultrafast XUV science at Artemis: Electron Dynamics in Complex Materials


Microbial nickel-iron hydrogenases cycle H2 and H+ at negligible overpotential, rivalling platinum both in terms of catalytic rate – on an electrode the enzyme active sites exhibit turnover frequencies as high as 10,000 s-1 – but also in terms of selectivity for H2 in the face of other small gas molecules such as CO and O2. The presence of an electron relay chain of iron sulphur clusters in the protein, spaced at approximately 10 Å intervals, is critical in promoting rapid exchange of electrons with the electrode, Figure 1, and hydrogenases have been demonstrated in H2/O2 fuel cells, and H2-production systems. We have developed new ways to combine IR spectroscopy with electrochemistry for studying hydrogenases at high surface-area graphite electrodes in order to better understand the competing redox reactions of the active site.
The efficiency of electrocatalytic H2 oxidation or H+ reduction by hydrogenases has also inspired our development of modular catalytic systems based on hydrogenases immobilised on graphite particles together with another redox enzyme. Here, no electrochemical potential is applied, but the particle acts as a sink for electrons delivered from H2 oxidation by the hydrogenase, supporting catalysis of a reduction reaction by the second enzyme. In this way, we couple H2 oxidation to reduction of the nicotinamide cofactor, NAD+, to develop catalytic beads for supplying the reduced cofactor, NADH, to NADH-dependent dehydrogenases for applications in industrial biotechnology.

13 Sept 2012

Emma Springate

Head of Artemis, ISIS

IR spectroelectrochemical studies, and applications of enzymes on catalytic beads

12 July 2012

Dr Kalim Mir

The Wellcome Trust for Human Genetics

Single Molecule Micro and Nanofluidics:

From Chromosome Structure to DNA Sequence

14 June 2012

Jose Luis Carrascosa

Centro Nacional Biotecnologia, Centro Superior de Investigacion Cientifica, Madrid

Cory- X-ray tomography of virus infected cells: Bridging a resolution gap

1 May 2012

Andrew Clayton

Swinbourne University, Melbourne

New insights into epidermal growth factor receptor viewed through a fluorescent window

12 Apr 2012

Bernadette Byrne

Reader in Molecular Membrane Biology, Imperial College

Probing stable adenosine A2A receptor constructs

8 Mar 2012

Clemens Kaminski

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cambridge

Nanoscale imaging of neurotoxic proteins

9 Feb 2012

Peter Fraser

Brabraham Institute, Cambridge

Single molecule analysis of mammalian X chromosome structure; linking genetic and epigenetic features

2 Feb 2012

Tim Cross

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (USA)

Laboratory (USA) The Native-Like Structure of the M2 Proton Channel of Influenza A obtained from Lipid Bilayer Preparations

26 Jan 2012

Eric de la Fortelle

Delenex Therapeutics AG, Switzerland

From academic research to clinical proof of concept: the piecemeal progress of antibody fragments