NMR Spectrometer: Bruker Avance III 400

The Research Complex at Harwell provides a Bruker Avance III 400MHz NMR spectrometer for research use.

The specific model at the Research Complex includes:

  • AVANCE-III two-channel console, of latest digital design capable of performing all modern NMR experiments.
  • Shielded magnet system (UltraShieldPlus) to enhance screening of external magnet field disturbances.
  • Broadband multinuclear (BBFOPlus) probe:
    o Allows observation of nuclei in the frequency range 19F to 15N, plus 1H.
    o Fitted with z-gradient coils for gradient spectroscopy and gradient shimming.
    o Fitted with Automatic Tuning and Matching Controls (ATM) for access to all nuclei in full automation.
  • Automatic sample changer with 60 position carousel.
  • Variable temperature range down to approximately -120°C.
  • Chiller unit for long term operation at temperatures below ambient.

Topspin Software

Offline analysis of data can be made using TopSpin software, which includes all typical processing and analysis functions for 1D-8D data.

TopSpin is compatible with a variety of sources of NMR data, including Bruker formats (XWIN-NMR, WIN-NMR and ASPECT), the JCAMP-DX standard format, and data sourced from most other instrument vendors.

Also available is the PERCH spectrum prediction module, which can be used for structure verification and/or prediction.

For further information, see the Bruker website.