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Agilent Technologies Acquires Raman Spectroscopy Innovator, Cobalt Light Systems
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced it has acquired Oxfordshire, U.K.-based Cobalt Light Systems ("Cobalt"), a provider of highly differentiated Raman spectroscopic instruments for the pharmaceutical industry, applied markets and public safety. 11 July 2017
Uk Catalysis Hub Project Collaboration Results In Science Magazine Article
An article has just been published in Science magazine co-authored by a number of UK Catalysis Hub researchers, academics and collaborators. The article's lead author is Grazia Malta of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University who was supervised by Professor Graham J. Hutchings. Many UK Catalysis Hub researchers and professors were involved in the project from across the UK. 06 June 2017
New Comprehensive Overview On Modern Developments In Catalysis Published
The UK Catalysis Hub has collaborated to publish a book titled, “Modern developments in Catalysis”. The book is a series of chapters reviewing on the present state of catalysis research. 21 March 2017
£100 million investment for new research institute
The Business Secretary, Greg Clark, announced a £100 million investment for a new research institute, the Rosalind Franklin Institute (RFI), which will have a hub based at the Harwell campus. 24 February 2017
Scientist Wins Outstanding Achievement Award In The Field Of Catalytic Science
The UK Catalysis Hub have named Dr Uli Hintermair from the University of Bath as person of outstanding achievement in catalysis for multidisciplinary contributions to the development and applications of catalysts for sustainable chemistry. 07 December 2016
MRC Festival of Medical Research
MRC Festival of Medical Research 14 June 2016
How bacteria split hydrogen to generate electricity
Researchers at the RCaH and University of Oxford have worked out how some bacteria can split hydrogen gas to generate electricity, using an enzyme, Hydrogenase, that contains iron and nickel. 20 January 2016
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