MRC Festival of Medical Research

The first annual MRC Festival of Medical Research will take place from the 18th to the 26th June 2016, focused around the locations of MRC-funded units, centers and institutes.

RCaH will participate in an Open Day on Saturday 18th June together with the MRC-Harwell Mammalian Genetics Unit (MGU) and the Mary Lyon Centre (MLC). The event will take place at MRC-Harwell.

We are expecting 300 visitors. Entry (booked through Eventbrite) will be timed so that 75 people arrive every 1.5 hours, at 10.00am, 11.30am, 13.00pm and 14.30pm. The event will close to the public at 4pm.

Some of the RCaH Life Sciences groups will be presenting hands on activities and demonstrations. RCaH activities planned so far include: Hands on at crystallizing a protein (OPPF-UK), 3D bio-printing (Gowsihan Poologasundarampillai’s group), and Moiré Fringes: The principle behind structured illumination super resolution (CLF).

In addition to activities, adults and children aged 10 or over will have the opportunity to go on a 30 min tour of the MGU laboratories. 40 adults (18+) will also be able to tour the MLC in 4 groups of 10.

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