MRC Centenary and Open Day at RCaH

The Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) held an open day on 20th June 2013 to celebrate 100 years of the Medical Research Council, one of our key partners.




During 2013, the MRC is marking a hundred years of life-changing discoveries and taking time to reflect on its many achievements in medical research, acknowledging those who have supported the organisation along the way and looking forward to what medical research will deliver in the future.






The MRC centenary open day at the RCaH gave visitors an opportunity to take a tour of the complex to see the laboratories on a working day, with some scientific demonstrations and hands-on activities. Some of the demonstrations included:3D printer, DNA extraction from strawberries, Microscope demo of membrane proteins' crystals, Chromosomes visualization under microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope and many more.




During the day we welcomed over 100 students and members of the public.







Feedback from the students included:

‘It was a very fun and enjoyable tour. I especially liked extracting DNA from the strawberries. Thank you very much for giving us this tour ‘


‘Great tour with a fantastic range of individual sessions. Thank you for being so accommodating.’


‘Great experience. Good hands on experiments. Enjoyed hearing about the applications of the different projects.’


‘It’s interesting to see how what we learn now will be useful later on and how it is applied practically.’




Feedback from the general public:


‘Thoroughly interesting tour for someone like me who has no education in science. I learned a lot! Thanks.’


‘Wonderful to know that medical research is progressing in leaps and bounds.’


‘Unbelievable. Thank you for your knowledge, progress and perseverance.’


‘A wonderful afternoon – carry on the good work for the future generations.’


‘Excellent day. Had no idea of the kind of things undertaken. Very impressed.’