Iwata Group

So Iwata 

Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins

So Iwata is David Blow Chair of Biophysics, Imperial College, London, Diamond Fellow, Diamond Light Source and BBSRC Diamond Professorial Fellow

Membrane proteins are the supreme example where more effort is needed in structural biology. In spite of their abundance and importance, of the more than 50,000 protein structures in the Protein Data Bank, only some 200 of these structures represent unique membrane proteins. Many major questions remain unanswered; these include the signal transduction mechanism of receptors, the gating mechanisms of ion channels and the molecular transport mechanism of transporters. Our group is developing techniques to solve the bottlenecks in membrane protein crystallography. We are currently focusing on the structural studies on the mammalian receptors and transporters, which are the membrane proteins with medical or pharmacological relevance and are the measure drug targets. For the studies, we are liaising with the Diamond-Membrane Protein Laboratory (Diamond-MPL), a laboratory for high throughput protein crystallization/crystallography of difficult targets including membrane proteins and protein complexes.

Towards the molecular mechanism of solute carrier proteins: The results of various genome projects have shown that up to 30% of human proteins occur in cell membranes. The membrane transporters form the second largest family among these membrane proteins and play crucial roles in many biological functions. Although a large amount of work has been done in biochemistry and molecular biology, very little is known about the molecular details and mechanisms of these transporters. The current classification of transporters and proposed molecular mechanisms could be totally re-written once a variety of transporter structures are solved. Our BBSRC funded research program focuses on structure determination of mammalian solute carriers and their orthologues including facilitative GLUT transporter family (SLC2), the bicarbonate transporter family (SLC4), the sodium/proton exchanger family (SLC9), the sodium bile salt cotransport family (SLC10) and the proton oligopeptide cotransporter family (SLC15). We will combine structural biology, molecular biology and computer simulations to understand their molecular transport mechanisms. To achieve these objectives, new laboratory for transporter purification and characterisation will be set up in RCaH.

Membrane Protein Crystallography Group, Imperial College, London

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