The RCaH IT facilities are comprehensive and include the latest resources in terms of networking and communications technologies.

Server room
The server room has total rack space of 504 server units for any server needs that a visiting group may have. The room is cooled by an innovative in-row water cooling system and all equipment is housed within a cube.

Research Complex also provides Core servers, Windows Terminal Services, VMWare virtualization platform, and many more.

There are also number of workstations, hot-desking computers and internet kiosks available to Visitors.

Core network is based on 1Gb Ethernet Cat6 technology, 10Gb backbone and 2x10Gb connection to the rest of the campus, internet and academic JA.NET network.

In the building as well as on the whole RAL site there are number of wireless networks available to the users and visitors including Eduroam.

Meeting Rooms
There are 3 Meeting Rooms in the Research Complex, equipped with Audio-Visual, Videoconferencing equipment and Large High-Definition widescreen televisions.

The largest Meeting Room includes a widescreen HD projector and display suitable for lectures and group meetings which would involve a presentation to a large audience.

There are number of multifunction workgroup printers and also large format printing facilities for posters.