Governance and Stakeholders

The RCaH is an RCUK project, with several stakeholders (BBSRC, Diamond, EPSRC, MRC, NERC and STFC). The MRC is leading the project, and managing the building operation, while STFC is constructing and maintaining the building. RCaH is governed by the Research Complex Management Board.

Research Complex Executive Board Members - 2016


Susan Morrell – Chair - EPSRC


Lucy Martin - Secretariat - EPSRC
Katherine Freeman - EPSRC
Nathan Richardson - MRC
Karen Brakspear - MRC
Megan Dowie - MRC
Michelle Manning - NERC
David MacDougall - BBSRC
John Collier - STFC
Andrew Harrison – Diamond Light Source
Martin Carmack – MRC Harwell Regional Centre
Newton Kisanya – MRC Harwell Regional Centre

The Research Complex Executive Board replaced the Projects and Operation Board which was initially established by RCUK in early 2003 to develop and manage the plans for the Research Complex. The Board meets twice a year.  Day to day management of the Research Complex is the responsibility of the Acting Director, Professor Peter Lee.


Scientific Advisory Committee Members - 2017

Prof Jane Endicott - University of Newcastle - Chair
Dr Peter Ash - Johnson Matthey
Prof David Brown - University of Kent
Prof Wendy Flavell – University of Manchester
Prof Peter Lee - RCaH - Acting Director
Prof David Rugg - Rolls Royce
Prof Helen Saibil - Birkbeck College London
Dr Matthias Wilmanns - EMBL Hamburg
Prof Chick C Wilson - University of Bath