General Chemistry Equipment and Facilities

Two chemistry labs are available. They are about 78 m2 each; equipped with benches and cupboards.

Chemistry lab equipment includes:

  • 4 fume hoods with gas and compressed air (two 2m and two 1.5m wide)
  • Ventilated Filter chemical cabinet
  • RO water and Nanopure water system (10 litres)
  • Stirrer / hot plates: Stuart SB162
  • Rotary Evaporators: Buchi R215; water and dry ice cooling
  • pH meters: Jenway 3510 
  • Preparative Balance: Summit SI-403
  • Analytical Balance: Summit SI-234
  • Waterbath: Fisher FB60303, 12L
  • Incubator / dry oven
  • Ice Machine: Scotsman AF100
  • Underbench Fridge in each lab
  • Underbench Freezer in each lab
  • Two FTIR (Infra red) spectrometers: Nicolet is10
  • Two UV/VIS spectrophotometers: Shimadzu UV-1800
  • Sonicator: MSE Soniprep 150
  • Potentiostat: Autolab PGSTAT302N
  • Dynamic Light Scattering apparatus (through Laser for Science Facility group)
  • Access to Life science equipment (click for details)

Large, specialist equipment in RCaH also available:

TEM, SEM, NMR, Analytical ultracentrifuge, etc.