Access for activity funded by EPSRC

For those researchers who wish to exploit the unique opportunities that the Research Complex will provide support can be requested under the majority of EPSRC funding schemes. Support can be requested for long or short-term visits. An investigator can apply for long-term residence up to 5 years, supported by a research grant or fellowship, awarded under current mechanisms. Projects supported by existing grants could, in principle, relocate some, or all, the activity to RCaH, following assessment of the proposal by EPSRC. Short-term access would be likely to be associated with access to the major facilities, such as Diamond, ISIS and CLF, and users can request this as part of their facility access proposal. Occasional access (less than one day) to RCaH facilities should be discussed directly with the RCaH Director or Operations Manager.

EPSRC access schemes are intended to be flexible, and operate in a responsive mode. More details can be found at Applicants who need further advice can contact the relevant EPSRC domain programme contact or the Research infrastructure team (Susan Morell).Contact details are available on the EPSRC website at