BBSRC Diamond Professorial Fellowship - CALLS OPEN 7th September 2009

The BBSRC is planning to award one Diamond Professorial Research Fellowship to be located in the Research Complex at Harwell. Diamond Professorial Fellowships are available to outstanding researchers to encourage the development and application of new techniques in synchrotron radiation to biological research that falls in the BBSRC remit, using the Diamond synchrotron facility. Research projects using existing techniques, but where proximity to the synchrotron adds value to the research would also be appropriate. Experimental and theoretical approaches could also include the use of other techniques available on the Harwell site at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, such as neutron diffraction, laser technologies and solid state NMR spectroscopy.

The Diamond Professorial Fellowship will follow the same principles and procedures as other Professorial Fellowshps. However the applicant and their research team will be expected to work on secondment from their host institution  to the Research Complex for the tenure of the Fellowship (five years). Resources are available to support the Professorail Fellow with two research assistants and associated running costs for a period of five years.

Full details are available from the BBSRC