Access and Funding Opportunities

The major aim of RCaH is to enhance the exploitation of facilities at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus and to encourage interactions between disciplines. It will operate with only a small permanent staff and the majority of the research groups using laboratory will do so by virtue of grant funding from the sponsors (MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, NERC), they will largely be staff of UK universities, with some STFC and Diamond staff.

Periods of residence can range from short-term visits of a few days (or even hours), to long-term programmes of up to five years. Grant support is available from the sponsors under a variety of schemes, including targeted initiatives (such as the BBSRC Diamond Professorial Fellowships) as well as through other fellowships or the normal responsive mode research grant programmes, where RCaH usage or occupation can be included. For example, under the Full Economic Costing model a principal investigator (PI) could, in principle, propose to move an entire grant-funded research group into RCaH, and, additionally fund a significant proportion of the PI salary to allow him/her to move into RCaH with the group for the duration of the project. The only scientific requirements are that the research must be of international quality and there is demonstrated added value in its location near the major facilities. On the other hand, short-term access to RCaH facilities can be made available to Diamond/ISIS/CLF users where the need arises.

Funding and access to RCaH are intended to be flexible, and prospective users are encouraged to discuss their requirements with the RCaH Director, the relevant programme manager at BBSRC, EPSRC MRC or NERC, or the Directors of Diamond, ISIS or CLF prior to submitting their proposal.