Team Members

Stephen Carr Tel: 01235 567717
Stephen Carr currently leads the group and has long standing interests in molecular basis of Protein-DNA (and protein-protein) interaction and the function of metalloenzymes.  We use x-ray crystallography and a variety of complementary biophysical techniques to better understand the biological function of these different systems.  Previously, he has worked with Prof. Phillips at the University of Leeds and RCaH.





Simon Phillips Tel: 01235 567718
Simon Phillips is assistant group leader and past Director of RCaH. He has worked in structural studies of large and small molecules using both X-rays and neutrons at University College London, the University of British Columbia, the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Institut Pasteur and the University of Leeds, before coming to the RCaH in 2008. He is currently President of the British Crystallographic Association.



Denis Ptchelkine Tel: 01235 567718










Abimael Cruz-Migoni Tel: 01235 567718 
Abimael Cruz-Migoni is a post-doctoral research fellow working on the design of small molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions using X-Ray crystallography. He received a BSc degree in Biotechnology at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN-Mexico) and an MSc degree in Biotechnology and Bioengineering at CINVESTAV-Mexico. Abimael earned his PhD in Structural Biology from The University of Sheffield in 2011. He joined the Research Complex in 2013 to work on the Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Development grant held by Prof Simon Phillips and Prof Terence Rabbitts from the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM), University of Oxford.