Research Complex at Harwell Seminars

RCaH Seminars will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 1400 – 1500 hrs in the seminar rooms.


Next Seminar
12th Oct 2017
Dr Neil Hunt
University of Strathclyde
“2D-IR Spectroscopy – Investigating the role of ultrafast dynamics in biomolecule interactions”
Forthcoming Seminars
9th Nov 2017
Professor Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel
MSc(Hannover), PhD(Zurich),
14th Dec 2017
Prof Allen Goodship
(UCL) Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedics
"From dead rabbits to a new light on diagnosis of bone disease.”
11th Jan 2018
Professor Iain Todd
University of Sheffield

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